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St Louis Paper Shredding is your source for reliable, affordable shredding service options for your office and home. Our contractors take the extra steps necessary to ensure your documents are handled properly, and utilize the highest level of security to make sure your company complies with all state and federal legislation. Get a free quote for your shredding project quickly and easily!

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St Louis Paper Shredding offers document and paper shredding options for any size job anywhere in St. Louis. We offer shredding service options based on your volume and specific requirements.

From one-time purges to ongoing shredding services, our goal is to provide excellent customer service and affordable shredding and scanning service options in Missouri. We strive to provide the most competitive pricing available.

To learn more about the different paper shredding options we have, click on any of our services above, give us a call at (636) 238-3848or request a FREE quote today.

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Choosing A Paper Shredding Service in St. Louis

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If you need onsite shreddingoffsite shredding or pick up services, or you want to have your hard drives securely destroyed anywhere in Missouri, St. Louis Paper Shredding can help! 

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St. Louis Shredding & Scanning Services
  • Mobile Shredding - Have a mobile shredding truck come to your St Louis location. Our contractors shred your documents onsite, and you can watch the shredding done right in front of you.
  • Off Site Shredding - A truck comes to pick up your documents, but instead of shredding them onsite, they're taken to a secure shredding plant in St Louis. Off site shredding is usually a more economical solution for larger volume shredding projects.
  • Hard Drive Destruction - Onsite and off site electronic media and hard drive destruction is available to ensure that your electronic media isn't giving away company secrets once you throw it away. 
  • Document Scanning- Don't let your data fall into the hands of identity thieves and corporate spies- let us securely destroy Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs and more, ensuring that your data is completely unrecoverable.

Service Options We Provide in St. Louis

  • Ongoing Service - If you need daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled shredding service. Locking shred bins are provided at no charge to you.
  • One-Time Purge Service - If you just shred annually, or have a lot of documents to shred infrequently and need a one-time or occasional shredding service, a purge program is just what you need. Costs are based on the volume shredded. 
  • Secure Shredding - Every shredding service provided is secure and compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, and all applicable state and local laws including Section 407.1500.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.